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I'm now accepting new clients on a very limited basis.

Do you suffer from relationship problems, career trouble, addictions, or poor spiritual health? Have you experienced the pain of childhood mistreatment of any kind? Depression and anxiety are common issues for those who have been wounded by others. My goal is to help men and women of all ages to overcome deep spiritual, emotional, and relational problems and to become more like God created us to be.

One of my specialties is working with men. Although common wisdom leads us to believe that women are more "emotional" than men, studies have shown that infant boys are more sensitive to caregiver absences, less able to calm themselves, and more difficult for caregivers to calm after absences. Additionally, boys and men are socialized against discussing emotions, adding to the difficulty of overcoming childhood problems.

In our work together, I will strive to use my skills of listening, encouragement, and problem solving, as well as my knowledge of biblical principles, ethics, and psychology in order to help you to grow and heal.

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